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Campus,Facilities — KVH @ 11:35 am, Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

and I’m not talking about Ingrid’s Armageddon screenings.

Classes end this week.  This is the week universally known as Hell week. . What makes this year different from most is the fact that there are no grace-period days the following week to move out of lockers, drawers, and studios.  Lucky you & lucky me.

So pay attention, I’m only saying this once:


DECEMBER 21st @ 6 PM

All class-drawers and lockers must be emptied by Sunday.  Any work or supplies left behind will become property of the department or thrown away.

No questions asked. 

Majors and Concentrators may leave work and supplies in their ‘major’ and ‘concentrator’ drawers, but must empty any class-specific drawers or lockers they may have.

I strongly recommend planning ahead on this one.  Clean them out as your classes end, or piecemeal throughout the week. 

Your card turns back into a pumpkin on Sunday evening, so don’t procrastinate.

As usual, there is no building access over winter break.  Take time off, sleep in, work at your job, visit your family, whatever you like — but don’t try to come in.  I’ll be making enough of a mess reworking the shop for the spring classes without you.

If you think for some reason you are special, privileged, lucky, or otherwise an exception to this rule, don’t simply assume that you are. Talk to Kyle as early as possible, and definitely before Sunday.

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