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Welcome Back EVERYONE!

Uncategorized — KVH @ 3:50 pm, Monday, August 31st, 2009

Hello all –

As if you haven’t heard it enough the past few days, I wanted to welcome everyone back to the Shop, MICA, and maybe even Baltimore. I trust everyone had a fun, exciting, relaxing, and awesome summer. I know we did.

A few things – –

We are welcoming Lou Joseph onboard this semester teaching Intaglio with us on Monday Nights. Lou is really great, coming from a rich Printing background, and will be bringing some exciting guest artists through the shop. We will be sure to keep you informed of these as the dates are set.

FRIDAYS – if you look at the shop calendar (posted on the walls, soon online), you’ll see Fridays are listed as Majors Print Day. We have blocked the classrooms with the sole intention of having time and space for our Majors and Concentrators to work in the shop. This means you. We worked very hard to make this schedule jive for everyone, please put it to good use. We will be highlighting other important reasons to make use of this day during our Department Meeting.

Which brings us to the Department Meeting – –

We will be meeting as a department, Majors and Concentrators, NEXT TUESDAY, Sept 8th from 3-4PM in the Litho Shop. This will be a big welcome-back, and new news for the semester, and so on. DO NOT MISS IT –

And with that, I’ll see you all soon, if I haven’t already.

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