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Bill Fick at MICA!!!

Department — faculty @ 9:20 pm, Wednesday, September 30th, 2009


North Carolina artist Bill Fick, (http://billfick.com/) is coming to the Dolphin Building for an artist talk and printmaking demo. Bill Fick is a printmaker living and working in Chapel Hill, NC. He received his B.A. from Duke University and his M.F.A. from University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Currently, Fick is the director of Cockeyed Press, which specializes in the production of satirical linocut prints.

Quentin Moseley will open his classroom doors on the 1st floor Dolphin Building on Monday afternoon from 1-3 PM to anyone in the MICA community interested in hearing Bill talk about his work. Then, on Tuesday, Brian Garner will have his Intro to Print Media (thanks freshmen)  classroom open from 9-3 PM for Bill’s artist talk, relief printmaking demo, and a tee-shirt printing extravaganza! There will be a lot of good energy! Come by and take a listen and look. 

Bill will also be talking about his latest project, a printmaking book entitled “Printmaking: A complete guide to materials and process”. It is published by Laurence King in the UK and Prentice Hall in the USA. The book is available on Amazon and was released last summer. He might have a few copies with him for purchase. 



Fick’s work has been exhibited in several solo and group shows nationally and internationally including the Czech Republic, New Zealand, and Finland. In addition, throughout his career, Fick has acted as a visiting artist, artist in residence, and professor to several art schools across the country.

The Ill -Tempered ZombieBill Fick, The Ill-Tempered Zombie, linocut, 38″ x 30.” Published by Cockeyed Press


Fick’s work can be found in the collections of the Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, MA; The New York Public Library, New York, NY; and the Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University. In 1993 Fick was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Visual Artist Fellowship and in 1995 a North Carolina Arts Council Artist Fellowship.

It will be a visit that will leave a lasting impression on the Dolphin Building.

SVA student department representative

Department — faculty @ 12:34 pm, Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

photoThe new department rep for the Student Voice Association (SVA) is Katie Hale. Please email her at khale@mica.edu before the TOWNHALL Meeting on OCT 7th WED (2:30-4:00, Main 110) Let her know what is on your mind prior to the meeting or join her and let your voice be heard. best,g

Congratulations Dolphin Press Interns.

Department — printmaking @ 8:44 pm, Friday, September 25th, 2009

Screen shot 2009-09-25 at 9.38.00 PM

Meet the Fall 2009 Dolphin Press Interns: Carrie Tuccio, Ciaran Ussher, Alexis Morgan, and Kim Michalak.

Right to Know and MSDS

health and safety — KVH @ 2:41 pm, Thursday, September 24th, 2009

I realize you already know everything there is to know about chemicals in this shop. I also know you’re not worried about health and safety, and that you’re going to live forever. I get it.  BUT – humor yourself and read through this post.

I have just spent a long time gathering and posting information on every single shop chemical I can find online. The link is now in the menu on the right of this page, labeled Health and Safety. It is also available directly at www.micaprintmaking.com/msds.

This is all considered Right to Know information, available to everyone while in the shop, and subsequently now available to everyone everywhere. Is there a chemical you use frequently? Maybe Lithotine, or possibly the Emulsion Remover? Whatever it is, look it up!

What is an MSDS? MSDS is short for Material Safety Data Sheet, and is required to be offered by all manufacturers or retailers in conjunction with chemicals and materials they produce or sell. Subsequently, we are required to make them available to you. I make this sound like a bad thing – it’s not, it’s great. The more you know the safer we all.

The advantage of having it in the shop is you can research what just spilled down the front of you immediately. The advantage of having it online is that you can now research what you spilled on yourself in the shop from home now too!

MSDS are a quasi-standardized form, built around the same basic structure, utilizing 8 sections:

Section I – Material Identification
Section II – Hazardous Ingredients/Identity Information
Section III – Physical/Chemical Characteristics
Section IV – Fire and Explosion Hazard Data
Section V – Reactivity Data
Section VI – Health Hazard Data
Section VII – Precautions for Safe Handling and Use (Spill or Leak Procedures)
Section VIII – Control Measures

Exact final appearance, however, can vary greatly from form to form and company to company. Most today are modern, easy to read, and digitally based. Some however, appear to be composed on a typewriter, photocopied, faxed, folded, crumpled, faxed again, hand-written on, and so on.  This is because they are.  Believe it or not, this is still legally binding. Unfortunately, I am required to use MSDS provided by the product supplier whenever possible, so I don’t always have the option to swap out versions.

Listed on most (but not necessarily all)  you will find a NFPA Diamond (or occasionally just list). These break down the basics of all chemicals into a 4-color, 5-level (0-4) code that is easy to remember. The lower the number, the safer it is. Colors dictate what is being rated.


While every effort is made to provide the safest possible materials in the department, sometimes even the safest isn’t so great. If you are ever unsure of what a particular solvent or product might be doing to you, don’t hesitate to look up its MSDS. Currently they are only updated online. Within a week they will also be updated in print form, broken down by classroom space, and located in Safety Yellow MSDS binders in each room.

Until then, if you can think of any chemicals that are missing from the list, please don’t hesitate to tell me!


Paper Studio Open Lab Hours

Campus,Facilities — faculty @ 3:56 pm, Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

paper studio

Paper Studio and Sunday Lab Hours.

The papermaking lab is now officially open on Sundays for students who have studied papermaking in book and print courses.
Carrie Tuccio and Sarika Sugla are co-directors of the Dolphin Press : Paper Studio @ MICA.
Carrie will be running this semester’s open Sunday workday.
-The supervised hours are on Sunday  noon to 5pm

-To sign up, students should email Carrie Tuccio at ctuccio@mica.edu early in the week, by Wednesday preferably.

-If you need  pulp prepared, you will need to let Carrie know one week in advance. Use her email so she can plan a week ahead.

Enjoy….. best,g

Click through to the full article to see if you have clearance…


Spring 2010 Dolphin Press Internships! Fall 09 Last Call.

Call for Entries,Dolphin Press and Print,Internships,Uncategorized — printmaking @ 1:16 pm, Thursday, September 17th, 2009


If a Dolphin Press internship interests you, but you are saving your application for the spring semester, you can apply now for a spring internship. The deadline for early spring applications is next Friday, the 25th of September at 5:00pm. You will still be able to apply for a spring internship at the beginning of next semester, but be aware that positions may already be filled by that time.

If you missed the deadline for fall applications you can still apply, because we will be accepting applications for fall internships along with early spring applications. Same deadline applies. This is the last call. Download the application here, and indicate which semester you are applying for in your email.

CHROMATOSE // Closing Reception: Saturday September 19th, 7 – 9 pm.

Uncategorized — faculty @ 12:23 pm, Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Junior Seminar Visiting Critic Seth Adelsberger C0-Directs this space. This is the last chance to see a killer painting show.



Junior Independent Visiting Critic James Rieck // Opening Reception

Uncategorized — faculty @ 2:26 pm, Wednesday, September 16th, 2009


Hamiltonian Gallery is pleased to present This Land is Your Land and Beacon Puritanus, an exhibition of new works by James Rieck, Chad Yencer and Hamiltonian Fellow, Jon Bobby Benjamin. Through meticulous installation, painting and sculpture, each artist muses on America – her landscape forms the mise-en-scène and her history becomes the lead.



cool,Facilities — KVH @ 2:59 pm, Friday, September 11th, 2009

So our new Pressure Washer for the Screenprint Studio is finally installed, plumbed, and fully functional.

Why did we replace an otherwise fully functional pressure washer? Because they swear to us that this one won’t explode when you ignore or abuse it.  They promised, I’m believing them.

It’s name is KRANZLE and it was made in Germany.

SO, the new operating procedure?

Don’t touch the switch on the back of the wall anymore. Just leave it on.

On the face of the unit (the big shiny thing next to the washout sink) there is a switch near the bottom left.  It is marked ON and OFF (weird, huh?).  There is a slight delay when you turn it on, but it’ll kick right in strong.

Turn it on, wash out, turn it off. Easy peasy.

The advantage of all of this is if you need to, you can let the handle on the gun go and turn the spray off without turning the pump off… It won’t kill the machine.  Now, this doesn’t mean that you can just turn it on and walk away, but it won’t explode anymore.

Questions, just ask a Faculty member or Kyle. We’ll be happy to show you the setup.

And REMEMBER TO WEAR YOUR EYE AND EAR PROTECTION! This thing is cranking out almost 2000PSI.

Have a great weekend!

Competition Alert!

Call for Entries — KVH @ 12:51 pm, Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Hey all you bookmakers, act fast!

The Enoch Pratt free Library is hosting a contest called Un(bound): An Altered Books Competition.

It is their first ever Altered Books Competition, and the deadline is September 26th (no exceptions!).

From their flier: “An “altered book” is any book, old or new, that has been recycled by creative means into a work of art.”

Details for entries are available on the website.

Judges for the competition include:
Val Lucas from Bower Box (A former Printmaking Major and 2005 MICA Grad.)
Nolen Strals from Post Typography (a 2002 MICA grad who spent most of his 4 years in the Printmaking Studio)
Kevin Sherry and Jean-Baptiste Regnard of Squidfire Fame. (Kevin Sherry – a 2004 MICA grad!)
Rachel Whang from Atomic Books in Hampden.

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