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cool,Facilities — KVH @ 2:59 pm, Friday, September 11th, 2009

So our new Pressure Washer for the Screenprint Studio is finally installed, plumbed, and fully functional.

Why did we replace an otherwise fully functional pressure washer? Because they swear to us that this one won’t explode when you ignore or abuse it.  They promised, I’m believing them.

It’s name is KRANZLE and it was made in Germany.

SO, the new operating procedure?

Don’t touch the switch on the back of the wall anymore. Just leave it on.

On the face of the unit (the big shiny thing next to the washout sink) there is a switch near the bottom left.  It is marked ON and OFF (weird, huh?).  There is a slight delay when you turn it on, but it’ll kick right in strong.

Turn it on, wash out, turn it off. Easy peasy.

The advantage of all of this is if you need to, you can let the handle on the gun go and turn the spray off without turning the pump off… It won’t kill the machine.  Now, this doesn’t mean that you can just turn it on and walk away, but it won’t explode anymore.

Questions, just ask a Faculty member or Kyle. We’ll be happy to show you the setup.

And REMEMBER TO WEAR YOUR EYE AND EAR PROTECTION! This thing is cranking out almost 2000PSI.

Have a great weekend!

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