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New York City PRINT WEEK is HERE!

Department — KVH @ 5:28 pm, Monday, October 26th, 2009

We’re  just a week away from NYC Print Week 2009. Just enough time to snag a ticket on Bolt Bus, or Apex, or MVP – whichever discount, occasionally-on-time bus you prefer.  If you’re feeling a little rich, there’s the train, and if you’re feeling poorer, there’s carpooling with your friends.

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Either way, you should plan ahead for next weekend in NYC. If you care at all about Printmaking, it’s the place to be. First up to bat is the IFPDA Print Fair. Thursday through Sunday, (Nov 5-8th), this is the uptown exhibition that costs money to get into (Students = $10, so relax). The exhibitors list is extensive, and tickets are available here.

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Then there’s the Editions / Artists’ Books Fair from Nov. 6-8 (Fri-Sun). This one is downtown, and is free. The exhibitors list is also extensive.

There are even more events around the city that just happen to coincide with the weekend. But we can tell you about this more as the week progresses and after you book your bus tickets.

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