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End of Semester Clean-up, 2009!

Department — KVH @ 2:27 pm, Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Happy end of semester! I hope all your amazing projects are falling into place in a timely fashion and you are getting sleep and eating well. You are, right? Of course you are!!


Here’s the end-of-semester schedule for the Dolphin Building. Please take a moment to read this.

Classes end in Dolphin on Thursday, December 17th.
That final week is critiques only.

The last day for Dolphin Access will be:
Sunday, December 20th, with doors locking at 7 PM.

This means that all your drawers & lockers need to be cleaned out, and *everything* needs to be removed from the building by this time. If you are in silkscreen and have personal screens, please take them home. If your bike is here, take it home. Portfolio still here from final grading? Don’t forget it!

Furthermore, the last week of classes will also involve a cleaning of each studio. Studio supplies (ink, emulsion, solvents etc) will be put away the morning of Friday the 18th. This means printing is done, the studios are closed except for removal of personal belongings. I know this sounds drastic, but it is the only way to keep the shop clean.

Silkscreen Students: thank you in advance for all the screens you leave behind, because they will become property of the department. The same is true for inks, plates, gloves, tools, and paper. Thanks!

That said, I would really really prefer if you just *took it all away* (poof!), leaving me with less cleaning to do over break.

-Trash: please throw it away.

-Old acrylic inks: remove the lids and throw them away.  (this lets them dry out in the trash)

-Old prints on good paper: please collect it for recycling in the paper studio. (I’ll set up some collection spots for this)

-Everything else: Take to your house, please.

If you have a lot to clean out of the shop, strongly consider taking a little with you each day. I also strongly consider bringing boxes, bags, or whatever else you think you might need to make the job easier. I can’t provide enough for everyone, no matter how hard I try.

The ONLY exception to this rule is Majors and Concentrators, who may keep their Majors and Concentrator drawers only. Seniors in studios, this applies to you as well. But of course you knew that already…

Like the bear? Me too!

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