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Snow Daze

Department — KVH @ 1:48 pm, Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Happy Snow Day everyone.

snow day

Yes, of course it would happen AFTER the last day of classes for the semester, during drawer-and-locker-clean-out-time.

Here’s the deal. The school is closed today. Whether or not people can get in/out of Dolphin, I’m not sure. I’m not going down to check it out since they haven’t even considered plowing my street yet and my walkway has been shoveled THRICE, and you can’t even tell.

Long story short, if you can’t get into Dolphin today or tomorrow (i.e. if the school is still Closed tomorrow), I will leave it unlocked on Monday for final drawer clean-out BUT ONLY until about 4 PM, so don’t lollygag.

Check here for updates tomorrow.

*photo: actual view from my apartment, which I have no intentions of leaving today.

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