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Print Exchange, Spring 2010!

Call for Entries,cool,Department — KVH @ 10:31 am, Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Down Low, TOO SLOW! The Exchange is All Full UP!
Congrats to all who made the list!


Julia Petrino and Kim Michalak have foolishly awesomely decided to head up this semester’s Print Exchange.

The sign-up sheet will be posted on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19th, in the front entry way.

There are only 21 spaces available. First come-first serve.

The rule is, of course – once you sign up, you must participate. No backing out, no willy-nilly excuses… You’re in.  So commit and have fun! These always turn out for the best.

The theme is Messages.
The deadline will be Early April.

Other details to come of course.

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