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End of Semester hours, Fall 2010

Department — KVH @ 2:08 pm, Thursday, December 9th, 2010

I thought you’d all like to know the end of semester hours. It’s a particularly FAST end to the semester this year, so read carefully.

Classes end in Dolphin on Friday, December 17th.

Campus CLOSES (all of it, including housing) on Sunday, Dec. 19th. Yeah. SUPER FAST.

We need class drawer and locker EMPTIED by Sunday, Dec. 19th by 8 PM.
The only exception to this rule is the Major and Concentrator drawers located on the first floor.

Do not think you can push it back a day or two. Your cards turn back into a pumpkin at 8 PM on Sunday, Dec. 19th.

SCREENPRINTERS – You must take every single one of your screens home. This is a zero-exception rule this time. We have approximately a zillion people taking screenprinting in the spring and we’re starting with a clean slate. You can bring your screen back in January. Any and all screens left in the department over break will be ruthlessly taken over by the department. Genuinely, no exceptions here.

We strongly recommend you clean your drawer out throughout the week as your critiques end. It will save the madness and any crazy last minute problems that might arise next weekend.

The shop will be closed until classes resume in January.

Have a fantastic break, and come back ready to rock and roll like champions.

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