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Meeting Minutes, IFPDA trip

Department,Meetings — KVH @ 3:20 pm, Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

A brief set of minutes from the IFPDA Trip Meeting on 10/12:

-Applications for the Paper exhibition were due by Monday, Oct 17th.

-Job offerings for 2D prototyping were offered up. I believe the positions have been filled.


  • New solvent cans – for use with all oily / inky paper waste.
  • Please be considerate and clean all your tools after use: ink guns, ink knives, etc.
  • Building hours over fall break: CLOSING AT 11PM FRIDAY -MONDAY (old news now).
  • Buy Neoprene gloves: available at Bell Hardware in all sizes. These are the heavy Bluettes. They’re the best in terms of safety.

Juniors and Seniors – please send all your artwork documentation and images to Robert Tillman: rtillman@mica.edu.

The weekend of November 5th is the PRINT FAIR in NYC. The major locations for the weekends events are:

IFPDA: International Fine Print Dealers Association (uptown)
E/AB: Editions/Artists Books Fair (downtown)
-There’s a very very good lecture on Saturday afternoon you should try to attend: “Print/out” Christophe Cherix and Faye Hirsch
-Full list of participants and affiliated exhibits is on the above websites.

We also discussed the department reimbursing students for travel expenses to this event:
Reimbursement: Must go to Fair with group on Saturday November 5
All Senior Majors who go, and first ten Junior Majors will get $30 for travel and the department will pay admission to the fair ($10)

We must pre-book tickets and reserve seats for the lecture


Registration for reimbursement is over; no new students will be allowed to register. Students who have already registered for reimbursement must attend the IFPDA Fair at 1:00 PM on Saturday November 5, and will be required to provide documentation of their attendance.

*NOTE* Even though the department bus tickets and fair tickets are sold out, you are still encouraged to attend! The IFPDA Print Fair is a very fun event and a great reason to visit NYC (on what is usually a very nice time of the year). We recommend BOLT BUS for tickets. Stay with a friend!

There is no need to travel on Saturday specifically, just show up at the appointed times that day if you want to tour with Robert and Eva.

More specific details will follow. The general schedule for Saturday’s tours will be the E/AB fair in the morning (11:30AM) and then the IFPDA Fair in the afternoon (1PM). The “Print/out” lecture starts at 2PM.  If you want to attend this lecture, you MUST reserve your seat here.

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