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The end is Here.

Department,video — KVH @ 9:44 am, Monday, April 30th, 2012

Holy moly, the semester went quickly!

This is it – the last week of classes.  We have a lot happening in this shop over the summer, it and it’s important you follow our instructions below.

ALL CLASSES and ALL CONCENTRATORS: You must clean out all drawers and lockers, and take all personal screens home.

ALL MAJORS: You must clean out lockers and take home all personal screens. You may keep your drawers.  ** MAJORS – if you have a drawer in Litho, you should speak with Kyle. **

SENIOR MAJORS: You may access your studios through May 11th, but the classroom studios are not available for use after this Friday.

Important dates:

May 4, Friday, is the last day for working in the studios – all supplies will be put away that day.

May 6, Sunday, is the last day for studio access – all drawers and lockers must be clean by this date.

May 11, Friday, is the last day for Senior Access.

As always, email kvanhorn@mica.edu if you have questions or concerns, and rock on you champions!

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