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Welcome Back, Fall 2012

Department — KVH @ 2:55 pm, Monday, August 27th, 2012

Well I’m not sure how quickly your Summer went, but around here it flew by like ‘nothin.

WELCOME BACK TO THE DOLPHIN BUILDING! We’ve been working hard on a lot of little things to hopefully make your time in the Printmaking Dept. go more smoothly.

Most notably, we’re getting some new flat files in the Lithography Studio. For those of you who left materials in the litho shop, everything has been moved to a new drawer in there on your behalf, and brand new flat files will be installed in a week or so.

The large-format printer room has been moved to the 3rd floor, and it is now located next to the computer lab.┬áHours for this are not yet available, but they will be posted later this week. We are stocked up on rolls of film and ink, and we’ll be ready for you very shortly.

Because of the printer room move, you’ll find that the new computer lab has been rearranged a little. There are more computers available, and everything has been updated. This room is now punch-code locked. Please ask your faculty for the door code.

FINALLY, the last change that affects everyone directly: MUSIC! We’ve added a nice matching set of speakers in every studio (Letterpress’ are coming shortly!), and we’ve gotten rid of all the busted stereos and boomboxes that we had. The new speakers plug into any headphone jack and are loud enough to fill the room. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE THEM, they are PERMANENTLY INSTALLED on a central location in every space and are for everyone to share. Please play nice.

Much more work than that was done this summer, most of it hiding behind the scenes: New tables, roller racks, storage racks, and a thorough Spring (Summer) cleaning.

And so WELCOME BACK – it’s another jam-packed semester ahead of us and some nice new projects and changes are still in the works. It’s gonna be a good semester.

Oh – one last thing: If you’re not on our department email list yet, you should SIGN UP HERE. We’ll let you know about upcoming events and important dates. Don’t worry, you can unsubscribe at any time (but why would you??).

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