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Thanksgiving hours, 2012

Department — KVH @ 11:03 am, Monday, November 19th, 2012

UPDATED: See below!

Thanksgiving Day is falling on the earliest-possible calendar day it can this year, and it’s this week!

The Dolphin Building will be closed for a few days coming up soon, so pay attention, here they are:

  • Classes are in regular session this Monday & Tuesday.
  • There are no classes Wednesday, but Dolphin is open UNTIL 7 PM.
  • Dolphin is CLOSED Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • Dolphin will reopen on Sunday.

If you’re away on vacation for some or all of this time, EXCELLENT – enjoy some hard-earned time off.

If you’re here in town, please plan your studio time around available shop hours. Building hours on Sunday are listed as ‘regular schedule’, but to be safe, maybe plan for building access from 8am – 11pm.

There will be NO PRINTER HOURS on Wednesday or over break.

Workstudy may or may not be maintaining your particular studio over break. Please play nice and help keep a tidy shop. We’ll do our best to keep supplies stocked.


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