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Finals / Winter Break 2012 info

Department — KVH @ 1:30 pm, Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

It’s here! Winter break is mere days away.

There are lots of moving parts to this week, so we want to be certain it’s spelled out in a simple and straight-forward manner for you. PAY ATTENTION:

Classes end this friday. (You know this.)

The last day to work in the studios is Friday, Dec. 14th. Beginning at 3:30 PM the studios are being shut down for break.

-Drawers and Lockers must be emptied by Sunday, Dec. 16th. at 8 PM. By monday morning, your Dolphin access turns back into a pumpkin.

-You may keep your Dolphin drawers / lockers IF: you are a Printmaking Major, -OR- you are a Printmaking Concentrator who is also taking a Printmaking course in the Spring.

-Seniors: If you have ‘acquired’ a drawer on the first or second floor, please vacate them before break. You may ‘acquire’ one again in the Spring.

-If you are simply taking a class and sharing a class drawer, you must take your supplies home and empty your drawers by Sunday.

ALL PERSONAL SILKSCREENS MUST BE TAKEN HOME. This is the prime week for screens to ‘disappear’. Keep yours locked, and take it home at your earliest convenience.

-The studios will be closed from December 16th through January 21st. We’ll see y’all again on the first day of classes.


This FRIDAY is an all-departmental Clean-up, Pizza Party, and RAFFLE!

We need help this Friday, Dec. 14 from 3:30 – 5:30 cleaning the studios. We will be cleaning all spaces, all at once, and then celebrating the end of the semester with some pizza pies. A couple of lucky attendees will also win some KILLER raffle prizes. Anyone who’s willing is welcome to join in, and you only need to help clean to be eligible for the Raffle (and the pizza).

No need to sign up in advance, or RSVP – just show up! We will start at 3:30 sharp.

And now, your requisite QUEEN video to get you through the week!

Let us know if we can help you with anything this week. Happy finals, y’all!

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