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Exposure Unit is back up!

Department,Facilities,Maintenance — KVH @ 10:51 am, Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Just posting a quick note that the Silkscreen Exposure Unit is back up and running. The folks at Baltimore Glass removed, cut and replaced our glass in just a couple of days.

Exposure Unit

A few notes: We’re not sure exactly how this happened. It broke, probably while being used, sometime late Thursday night. We don’t know if it happened because something was dropped on it, if the vacuum pressure caused it for some reason, or through some absent-minded accident. In the end, it’s all ok because while it was a bit of a crisis for a day, it could have been much worse (no Fluorsecent tubes were broken ($$$!), and no one was injured). And new glass ended up being even a little cheaper than we expected.

Let me be clear with this. We are not angry about it, nor is anyone in trouble for this.

If ANYONE has details on what happened on Thursday night, we truly want to know so we can take necessary steps to prevent it from happening again. If you know something and want to remain anonymous, you may slide a note under the office door – we don’t mind. In the mean time, we’ve dropped the vacuum pressure a bit, though it shouldn’t affect your exposures at all. Please be certain your screens are flat on the bottom, and that you’ve removed your little plastic square feet from the frame.

And, the silver lining to all of this is – NEW BEAUTIFUL GLASS! No scratches, no dings or dents or dirt. This machine is essentially brand new right now – please make the most of it, and take good care of it for future classes and students.

Thanks all,  happy printing!

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