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James Bouche solo exhibiton

cool,Exhibitions — KVH @ 10:16 am, Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Printmaking Alumni James Bouché’s solo exhibition Not Yet in Ruin closes this week, and has a big write-up in this week’s Baltimore City Paper!

Not Yet in Ruin wants to isolate the forms of monuments and display them totally out of context and without any event to commemorate. The viewer can then consider these forms outside of their normal places and see them in a purely phenomenological way.

“Broken Rock at 2am” is well done and visually interesting. The layered prints—spray paint on glass laid over a print on paper—showcase a variation of different blacks. The light hitting the different mediums at different angles makes the black on black on black appear to be shades of gray (not in a poorly done BDSM way). Like “Leaning Laws,” “Broken Rock” references direct visual experience more than it appeals to Bouché’s ideas about monumentality and context.


The show hangs at the Springsteen Gallery (in the Copy Cat building) and the closing reception for the exhibition is this Friday, September 6th, 8-10 PM.

Not Yet in Ruin
James Bouché
Springsteen Gallery
1511 Guilford Ave Unit B303


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