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Department,Maintenance — KVH @ 3:37 pm, Monday, April 6th, 2015

The studios are getting busy, which means the studios are getting MESSY! This is not a new phenomenon. Lots of people are making work in the studios, and many are leaving messes behind.

clean printing
Help us by cleaning up after yourself, particularly the following areas: 

Food & Drink Containers. No one wants to touch your your germ-y, sticky food and drink containers – that’s gross. Throw them away, or rinse them out and recycle.
Paper scraps, gloves, and linoleum / wood / metal shavings. You made this clutter, please throw it in the trash.
Ink Slabs & Tables. These are shared spaces, and an easy way to ruin someone else’s day is to leave a dirty ink slab. Please be mindful.
Clean rollers, brayers, knives, and squeegees thoroughly. Dirty brayers and squeegees? That’s not cool. Clean them thoroughly when you’re finished.
Return tools and solvents to proper location. Done with it? Put it back. Making prints should not involve a scavenger hunt.
Clean press beds and printing stations. Leave your space as clean as you found it, or better yet, leave it CLEANER!
Keep all sink areas clear and clean. A dirty sink doesn’t help anyone. This is true for the washout sinks too. slovenia Rinse them down when you’re done.
Sweep floors of your carvings, filings, and other trash. There are brooms in every studio. Use them!

The Printmaking workstudy, staff, and faculty are here to keep your materials stocked, equipment working, and troubleshoot problems. We are not here to clean up after you. If you’ve been working in the studio, don’t leave until your workspace is clean.

Finally, we have upped our rag delivery for the final month of school. It is still possible that we will run out at the end of some weeks, but it is almost guaranteed that there are good, lightly used rags in the red cans. Please conserve rags and use them thoroughly, and put them in the step cans when they are truly dirty.

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*Time to Clean print above by Mel Larson, used with permission.

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