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Bookmaking is a fine art form that connects old and new technologies, particularly interesting to students.  Watch weekly for new listings and posts.

The Guild of BookWorkers.www.guildofbookworkers.org

Paper Book Intensive ‎www.paperbookintensive.org

Bookbinder:The Journal of the Society of Bookbinders.London. www.societyofbookbinders.com

The New BookBinder:Journal of Designer Bookbinders. London. http://www.designerbookbinders.org.uk/pub/tnb.html

Fine and Historic Bookbindings at the Folger Shakespeare Library. http://luna.folger.edu

Roberts, Matt T. and Don Etherington.Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books:A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology.Washington, DC:Library of Congress, 1982.Also available as searchable database. http://cool.conservation-us.org/don/don.html

Papermaking Glossary


Clamshell Box Tutorial and more


Princeton University  Hand Bookbinding Exhibition 2002


Papermaking Book List in Decker Library

Paper textiles
Author Leitner, Christina.
Publication Date as Range 2005
Call Number TS1544 .P3 L39 2005
Location Stacks

From fiber to paper
Author Reeves, Dianne L.
Publication Date as Range 1991
Call Number N7433.4 .R44 F7 1991
Location Cage

The art and craft of paper
Author Shannon, Faith.
Publication Date as Range 1994
Call Number TT870 .S4447 1994
Location Stacks

The book of fine paper
Author Turner, Silvie, 1946-
“A worldwide guide to contemporary papers for art, design & decoration”–Dust jacket.
Publication Date as Range 1998
Call Number TS1105 .T87 1998
Location Quarto

The art & craft of handmade paper
Author Studley, Vance.
Profusely illustrated guide clearly outlines procedure for making attractive and useful papers in vast number of sizes, shapes, textures and colors — all from vegetable fibers. Clear, easy-to-follow introduction to necessary materials, tools and equipment; step-by-step description of papermaking process, plus project suggestions.
Publication Date as Range 1990, 1990 1977
Call Number TS1109 .S83 1990
Location Quarto

The papermaker’s companion : the ultimate guide to making and using handmade paper
Author Hiebert, Helen, 1965-
Publication Date as Range 2000
Call Number TS1124.5 .H53 2000
Location Stacks

Trash-to-treasure papermaking : make your own recycled paper from newspapers & magazines, can & bottle labels, discarded gift wrap, old phone books, junk mail, comic books, and more–
Author Grummer, Arnold E., 1923-
Publication Date as Range 2011
Call Number TS1124.5 .G78 2011
Location Quarto

Handmade paper today : a worldwide survey of mills, papers, techniques and uses
Author Turner, Silvie, 1946-
Publication Date as Range 1983
Call Number TS1094 .T87
Location Quarto

Japanese paper crafting : create 17 paper craft projects & make your own beautiful washi paper
Author LaFosse, Michael G.
Publication Date as Range 2007
Table of contents only http://www.loc.gov/catdir/toc/ecip0712/2007009553.html
Call Number TT870 .L2337 2007
Location Quarto

Water, paper, time Helen Hiebert’s explorations in paper : a video
Documentary that showcases the paper art of Helen Hiebert. “What is the relationship between art and nature? In Gretchen Hogue’s short documentary ‘WATER PAPER TIME’ the gradual and oftentimes imperceptible processes of natural change are given artistic form through a sensitive portrayal of the work of paper artist Helen Hiebert. Using time-lapse photography the film explores how external forces such as time, gravity and molecular structure bend, tear and wrinkle Hiebert’s handmade paper, producing startlingly allusive and organic forms which recall the fibers and plants that the artist uses in the papermaking process. A meditation upon the cyclical relationship between human and nature, ‘WATER PAPER TIME’ reveals the fascinating ways in which nature and art go on changing even (and perhaps especially) when we are not looking.” — from container
Publication Date as Range 2008
Call Number 55229
Location Circulating DVD Decker Library

The activated page : handmade paper and the artist’s book
the jenny-press: “This publication explores the artmaking practice of individual artists for whom handmade paper is distinctive to their work and not-for-profit institutions that support hand papermaking. In the first section, self-selected participants answered a series of questions about their creative process and final products. The second section consists of two annotated bibliographies: one by the artists and artistic directors about their own work, and the other compiled by the editor of individual books that use handmade paper in a way that contributes to the content of the work. The cover of the publication features a die-cut and flaps that unfold to reveal paper samples by five of the eleven participants: Brian Borchardt, Dorothy Field, John Gerard, Caren Heft, Jeffrey Morin, John Risseeuw, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Joan Soppe, Claire Van Vliet, Dieu Donne Papermill (Paul Wong), and Women’s Studio Workshop (Tatana Kellner).” – from Vamp & Tramp web page on item.
Publication Date as Range 2007
Call Number N7433.3 .A365 2007
Location In work room

The art of papermaking
Author Toale, Bernard.
Publication Date as Range 1983
Call Number TS1109 .T596 1983
Location Stacks

Plant fibers for papermaking
Author Bell, Lilian A.
Publication Date as Range 1981
Call Number TS1109 .B44 1981
Location Quarto

300 papermaking recipes
Author Reimer, Mary, 1949-
Publication Date as Range 2000
Call Number TS1124.5 .R45 2000
Location Stacks

Papermaking with plants : creative recipes and projects using herbs, flowers, grasses, and leaves
Author Hiebert, Helen, 1965-
Publication Date as Range 1998
Call Number TS1124.5 .H54 1998
Location Stacks

Papermaking with garden plants & common weeds
Author Hiebert, Helen, 1965-
Publication Date as Range 2006
Table of contents http://www.loc.gov/catdir/toc/ecip062/2005031459.html
Call Number TS1124.5 .H537 2006
Location Stacks

The papermaker’s studio guide DVD
Author Hiebert, Helen, 1965-
“A comprehensive visual guide to papermaking, based on the widely used instructional book The papermaker’s companion”–Container.
Publication Date as Range 2012
Call Number 55230
Location Circulating DVD Decker Library

The complete book of papermaking
Author Asunción, Josep.
Publication Date as Range 2003
Call Number TS1105 .A8513 2003
Location Quarto

A hand papermaker’s sourcebook
Author Dawson, Sophie.
Publication Date as Range 1995
Call Number TS1105 .D313 1995
Location Stacks

The encyclopedia of papermaking & bookbinding
Author Reimer-Epp, Heidi, 1971-
Publication Date as Range 2002
Call Number TS1124.5 .R44 2002
Location Stacks

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