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Facilities — KVH @ 2:02 pm, Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Classes have just been canceled for the remainder of today (Tuesday, February 9th) beginning at 3 PM, and will be closed through tomorrow. ‘

Details are here.

GO HOME, (I am soon!!!)

Paper Studio Open Lab Hours

Campus,Facilities — faculty @ 3:56 pm, Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

paper studio

Paper Studio and Sunday Lab Hours.

The papermaking lab is now officially open on Sundays for students who have studied papermaking in book and print courses.
Carrie Tuccio and Sarika Sugla are co-directors of the Dolphin Press : Paper Studio @ MICA.
Carrie will be running this semester’s open Sunday workday.
-The supervised hours are on Sunday  noon to 5pm

-To sign up, students should email Carrie Tuccio at ctuccio@mica.edu early in the week, by Wednesday preferably.

-If you need  pulp prepared, you will need to let Carrie know one week in advance. Use her email so she can plan a week ahead.

Enjoy….. best,g

Click through to the full article to see if you have clearance…



cool,Facilities — KVH @ 2:59 pm, Friday, September 11th, 2009

So our new Pressure Washer for the Screenprint Studio is finally installed, plumbed, and fully functional.

Why did we replace an otherwise fully functional pressure washer? Because they swear to us that this one won’t explode when you ignore or abuse it.  They promised, I’m believing them.

It’s name is KRANZLE and it was made in Germany.

SO, the new operating procedure?

Don’t touch the switch on the back of the wall anymore. Just leave it on.

On the face of the unit (the big shiny thing next to the washout sink) there is a switch near the bottom left.  It is marked ON and OFF (weird, huh?).  There is a slight delay when you turn it on, but it’ll kick right in strong.

Turn it on, wash out, turn it off. Easy peasy.

The advantage of all of this is if you need to, you can let the handle on the gun go and turn the spray off without turning the pump off… It won’t kill the machine.  Now, this doesn’t mean that you can just turn it on and walk away, but it won’t explode anymore.

Questions, just ask a Faculty member or Kyle. We’ll be happy to show you the setup.

And REMEMBER TO WEAR YOUR EYE AND EAR PROTECTION! This thing is cranking out almost 2000PSI.

Have a great weekend!

Changes in the Department, and Meeting Minutes

Campus,Facilities,Faculty,Meetings,Resources — KVH @ 2:51 pm, Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

After the engaging conversation that took place at the department meeting yesterday, you will be pleased to know that the building hours will remain the same unless we are directed by MICA Operations. 

The faculty invites you to help make decisions on ways that we can better distribute our resources in the department. In the next department meeting, we can include a short discussion of your ideas and suggestions. 

Please help to adopt the new procedures that we have laid out for studio practice and lead the way to a healthier safer studio practice. Below are some of the new procedures.

-Gail Deery

Departmental Meeting Minutes:

We covered the following points in the Meeting yesterday:

The Bathrooms have been rehabbed… New sinks/toilets, repaired walls, floors, repainted. People spent a lot of time working on this, please take care of it.

We talked at length about the department Going Green.  We need to cut back on wasted materials, make the shop a healthier environment, and still keep everyone happy and productive in the shop.

Bullet points included:

– Safer cleaning materials for tabletops / palettes (vinegar, vegetable oil).  You will find more bottles of Vegetable Oil present, and far fewer bottles of solvent (Gamsol, Denatured Alcohol).

-Recycling all scrap and mis-printed rag paper (arches, rives) for the paper studio

-Conserving electricity when possible

-Orange-scrub soap will no longer be available – Lava Bar soap will be available at every sink. (we forgot to mention this in the meeting).  The bookstore also sells small bottles of Pumice Soap that will fit in your drawer if you so desire.

-Our crummy blotters are being replaced with a new system using Pellons and Bounty paper towels, as was demonstrated by Gail.  If you prefer, you may use your own bath towels, but they must be taken home when you are finished.  Any left behind will be thrown away, no questions asked.

-the shop used its entire YEAR’S supply of newsprint last semester. Unfortunately you must now purchase your own pads and keep them in your drawers.

Finally, there was MUCH discussion over attempting to limit shop access for safety and energy – conservation reasons.  After much consideration, we’ve decided NOT to limit hours this semester (see Gail’s letter above).

If you haven’t yet signed up for our mailing list, please do so on the lower-right side of this page.

Department Meeting THIS TUESDAY

Facilities,Meetings,Resources — KVH @ 10:06 am, Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Tuesday, Jan. 27th at 3 PM, there is a Printmaking Department Meeting.

All Majors and Concentrators should attend! 

We have many new policies and procedures to cover and demonstrate with you, most importantly, the fact that THE SHOP IS GOING GREEN!

The meeting starts at 3 and will end before 4pm classes.

Please don’t miss the meeting, we have much to cover… Miss the meeting and you’ll miss a lot.

Questions, contact Kyle, kvanhorn@mica.edu.


Campus,Facilities — KVH @ 11:35 am, Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

and I’m not talking about Ingrid’s Armageddon screenings.

Classes end this week.  This is the week universally known as Hell week. . What makes this year different from most is the fact that there are no grace-period days the following week to move out of lockers, drawers, and studios.  Lucky you & lucky me.

So pay attention, I’m only saying this once:


DECEMBER 21st @ 6 PM

All class-drawers and lockers must be emptied by Sunday.  Any work or supplies left behind will become property of the department or thrown away.

No questions asked. 

Majors and Concentrators may leave work and supplies in their ‘major’ and ‘concentrator’ drawers, but must empty any class-specific drawers or lockers they may have.

I strongly recommend planning ahead on this one.  Clean them out as your classes end, or piecemeal throughout the week. 

Your card turns back into a pumpkin on Sunday evening, so don’t procrastinate.

As usual, there is no building access over winter break.  Take time off, sleep in, work at your job, visit your family, whatever you like — but don’t try to come in.  I’ll be making enough of a mess reworking the shop for the spring classes without you.

If you think for some reason you are special, privileged, lucky, or otherwise an exception to this rule, don’t simply assume that you are. Talk to Kyle as early as possible, and definitely before Sunday.

Thanksgiving Hours

Campus,Facilities — KVH @ 10:39 am, Friday, November 21st, 2008

The shop will be closed from Thanksgiving Day through Sunday SIKE! It’ll be open on Saturday and Sunday from 8-11.


If I had to guess, I’d say that the guards will be kicking you out of the shop at midnight on Wednesday Night. Please plan accordingly.

Eat well, catch up on sleep, and have a relaxing break.


Darkroom is dark again (or, wait, light again!)

Facilities — KVH @ 1:41 pm, Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

I know you all thought I was ignoring the problem (I wasn’t), or pretending it was someone else’s issue (it was!), but today the gold safety sleeves came in for the darkroom bulbs.

What does this mean? It means you can now coat your screens and actually see what you’re doing.  

These are UV-free bulbs, so they won’t affect your unexposed silkscreens. They seem incredibly bright, and they are, but I promise you your screen is safe… (until maybe a week of constant exposure, but that’s your own stupid fault).  So feel free to leave them on while you’re waiting for emulsion to dry.  (Please also feel free though to turn them off and save electricity!).

Enjoy your new darkroom, and remember to put that emulsion back in the locker!

Printer Hours Fall 2008

Facilities — printmaking @ 11:48 am, Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Monday: 7-9pm
Tuesday: 6-9pm
Wednesday: 2-4pm
Friday: 11am-2pm

John Bylander will be running the printer hours on Monday and Tuesday. If you have not yet met John stop by and say hello. Kyle will be running the Wednesday and Friday hours.

When you arrive to print you must have all of your files batched and ready to print. The maximum width of your film is 23.5″.

The large format printer is reserved exclusively for students in and making work for a current printmaking class. You must arrive 20 minuets before the end of printing hours.

New Beater

Facilities — printmaking @ 3:31 pm, Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

The paper studio has a recent addition of a brand-new Reina Beater. This is very exciting as we will now be able to make our own pulp for a variety of paper production and we will be able to make specialty pulps for everything from watermarks to casting. . reynoldsharryfv.blogspot.com .

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