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Department Hours

— printmaking @ 12:13 pm, Thursday, October 9th, 2008

The Dolphin Building is open every day while classes are in session. Students may enter the building until 2am, when the card reader is shut off. Building access ends campus-wide at 2 am. Please expect to be kicked out of the studios and sent home to sleep at this time (this means start cleaning up at 1:30 AM).

Faculty Office Hours

2015 Spring Semester

Jonathan Thomas: Tuesday 10-1 or by appointment

Quentin Moseley: Wednesday 2-4, Thursday 3:15 – 4:00, or by appointment

RL Tillman: Thursday & Friday, 3-4pm, or by appointment

Gail Deery: Tuesday by appointment.

Kyle Van Horn: Mon/Tues 9:30-5, Wed/Thur 9:30-3

Kat Stankewicz: Thursday 12-5, Friday 9-2


Globe Interns



1st Fl. Monitors

Monday: Kelly C.
Tuesday: Anna S., Kelly C.
Wednesday: Aida R., Jeff M.
Thursday: Jeff M., Jenna T.
Friday: Jenna T., Anna S.
Saturday: Aida R.
Sunday: Aida R.


2nd Fl. Monitors

Monday: Sarah P. (Screen), Jeff M. (Letterpress), Yeji K. (Screen)
Wednesday: Sarah P. (Screen)
Thursday: Jenna T. (Screen), Kelly C. (Letterpress), Anna S. (Screen)
Friday: Yeji K. (Screen)
Saturday: Sarah P. (Screen)
Sunday: Anna S. (Screen)


Printer Hours

Technicians: Zamber D. and Gio D.

Wednesday: 9a-1p
Thursday: 1-5p
Friday: 3-7p
Sunday: 12-4p

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