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Dolphin Press and Print — Tags: , — KVH @ 3:38 pm, Saturday, September 27th, 2008


One of the benefits of being a well known department in a well known school is that people off campus have heard of you. With some frequency, people call the Dolphin Building to donate something; in the past it’s been as simple as some supplies from their basement, or something as great as a new litho or etching press (One of each in 2007!)…

This week’s donation has been paper. 2 car loads and probably 1000lbs later, we are up to our ears in the stuff. Don’t get too excited yet, we still need to sort and collate it, but I guarantee a decent portion will filter down to students. A greater portion will be reserved for department projects, class projects, and sundry other uses.

Extra special thanks goes out to SDYM Inc for their donation of 10 years-worth of paper samples, and to Furst Printers for their donation of a mis-shipment of Strathmore cover. You both rock!

Anyone else out there interested in donating to our department can reach me at kvanhorn |at| mica.edu.


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